Stylus & Belt Replacement

“The Analog Resurgence is on!”

People all over the planet are pulling out the old turntables, installing a new needle and belt and spinning vinyl again. People are playing records again for the nostalgia and pure enjoyment of the analog sound!

Drive belts are the largest contributor to turntable speed fluctuations which destroy your soundstage. As belts age and wear, they dry out, stretch and lose tension, causing slippage and speed irregularities in your turntable. Long-term storage can also cause flat spots in idler wheels, resulting in audible bumps. Our belts are brand new and sealed. Pitch accuracy goes out the window when your belt stretches or wears. Return your turntable to its correct pitch with a new belt.

We can source just about any stylus and drive belts for most turntables, all we need is the turntable model, serial number for drive belts and stylus.

Currently customers just need to forward the details by phone or email, we will quickly get back to you with our price.

Feel free to contact us or visit our shop.