Replacement Tone Arms - Devizes - Wiltshire

Pro-Ject Tone Arm Replacements

We can order Pro-Ject tone arms including Low Mass, S Shape, Carbon Fibre and Advanced Metal tone arms.

Though some turntables may use the same type of tonearm, it is important you select the right tone arm for your specific turntable as the tone arm plinth holes do vary. Matching the model number allows you to ensure you select the right arm for your turntable.

We can advised on tone arm upgrades for turntable rebuilds and offer our own upgrade service that includes fitting and making sure the tone arm and turntables are set-up for optimum sound.

If would like to discuss your options in tonearm upgrades, please Contact Us

Please Note: All tonearms are supplied pre-wired with internal cables. However, tonearms are not supplied with any further accessories, cartridges.

Prices Start From £90

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