Vinyl Realm - HiFi - Devizes - Wiltshire

Servicing & Repairs

We have several years of specialist expertise in servicing and repairing hi-fi and audio equipment, from turntables to hi-fi components.

At our workshop based in our high street store in Devizes, Wiltshire we have serviced and repaired audio equipment from the smallest radios to valve amplifiers.

On request we will carry out a full service of your Hi-Fi component if it does not seem to be working properly and supply and fit parts, if required.

We do ask for a diagnostic fee; which is deducted from the final invoice, this small fee covers our time when diagnosing the issues. Should our customer decide not to go ahead with repairs the fee is non refundable.

On the rare occasion that a component is not an economical repair we will advised on replacement items.

We have access to an extensive supply of parts albeit new OEM parts or old new stock, including speaker driver replacements, vintage electronics and valve replacements.

Contact us today for servicing and repairing your cherished HiFi.

Tele: 01380 728805 

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