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Pro-Ject Power Supply 15V DC

Pro-Ject Power Supply

  • Removes all earthing hum
  • Improves turntable motor stability
  • More enjoyable audio experience

The High Power-IT is a three pin power supply with a ground connection for Pro-Ject turntables. It gets rid of ground related hum problems, especially occurring with amplifiers that have no real ground connection.

If a turntable is not properly grounded, it may have a different ground reference to the connected amplifier. Consequently, these potential differences induce a compensating current which can be heard as a hum. Many modern amps, especially those used in soundbars and streaming speakers (but also found across a wide variety of hi-fi separates), have no ground connection and can therefore experience this problem.

High Power-IT solves this issue by adding a grounded connection directly to the turntable’s power supply.

  • Upgrade power supply with special earthing connection
  • Removes all earthing hum
  • Improves turntable performance
  • UK mains power cord included
  • Suits all 15V DC Pro-Ject turntables

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